Selected collagraph prints from recent years (prices upon enquiry)

Ink on handmade paper with metal leaf

Collagraph is an intaglio printmaking method, sharing some similarities with etching in the inking process, but is a very distinct process in other ways. A plate is made up through the application of textures, fabrics, painting mediums and the like, and by being carved into with a scalpel or similar to achieve a textured surface that will hold ink, creating areas of light and dark depending on the porosity of the surface in a particular area.


Once the composition has been achieved, the plate is then left to dry before being sealed with a shellac varnish on both sides and then left to dry for a further period. Once dry, ink is then applied by hand and burnished away with scrim and tissue to leave the desired amount on the plate. It is then passed through an etching press and the image is embossed and inked into paper, producing a unique and delicate printmaking effect which cannot be achieved through any other medium or method.